NDIA response to recent media coverage - News Details

Posted on 02 June 2017

Contrary to reports in today’s Daily Telegraph, the NDIS does not support or fund participants accessing Energy Healing, Equine Assisted psychotherapy and Equine Assisted Counselling.

These are not evidenced based therapeutic interventions.

The NDIS can fund the purchase of an Occupational Therapist, Physiotherapist or Speech Pathologist to help provide a participant with Hippotherapy, which is Equine Assisted Physical therapy where this is directly linked to addressing the participant’s needs and capacity building.

An example may be funding for riding assistants, where required for correct positioning on a horse that builds postural strength and/or social participation. This cannot be funded from the therapy budget but can be used from the social participation budget in an NDIS plan.

The funding of the use of the horse is the participant’s choice and would need to be  funded from their personal income as an everyday cost and not under their NDIS plan.

The NDIA does not cover sexual services, sexual therapy or sex workers in a participant’s NDIS plan.

A plan may include psychological counselling or physical therapy to help someone understand and overcome a physical impediment to intercourse, but does not fund sexual services.